virginia fire arm training

Online Concealed Carry Classes – In Virginia

Learn Basic Firearm Handling & Safety

  • Are you the one who is looking for the most important safety and handling instruction?
  • Have you been looking to get your permit but can’t seem to find 2 whole days on your calendar?
  • Is CCW in your area is overly complicated and expensive?
  • Are you feeling some difficulty to let a local “expert” try to teach you how to hold your gun?
  • Classes that will help keep you and your family safe and prepared

Our Online Concealed Carry Class will give you all the core instruction you need to get started while also helping you get a concealed carry permit (if you live somewhere it is honored)

virginia fire arm training

Taking a class at Range can be difficult 

Taking a class at the range can be difficult. You have to give up a full day or more, buy very costly ammunition, and hope you can hear the instructor over all the noise. If you have been shooting guns your whole life it won’t matter… they still want you to take the same steps as every rookie on the street.
That is when I decided there had to be a better way. I researched the gun laws in each of the 50 states to search for a loophole in the law that will help me get the proper training and permits into the MAXIMUM number of hands as possible. There is a way where we can give you the training required over the internet and you can get legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 29 states.

You see by taking this online course and watching some videos you will not only be prepared to carry a gun and be prepared to use it against the threats that surround us but also be able to get a concealed carry permit. Our online Training course will skip the drama and give you the critical insights you need to be safe and legal as you strive to protect yourself and your loved ones.In order to gain your concealed carry permit/license, you may have to prove competence with a handgun and/or take a firearms safety or training course.

Specific requirements will depend on your state, but the majority of states require that you take a class of some kind. This could be anything from 15hrs+ classroom and range training course to a couple of hours learning your state’s laws.

Moreover, you may have the option to complete your training requirements from the comfort of your own home – online.But Now only Virginia offers such an option, but it could very well extend into other states before long, particularly those with lower legal requirements when it comes to training or showing that you know how to use your firearm.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will get 100% of the instructions.
  • The instruction will come from me, a certified instructor who has taught this class to thousands of people in person
  • You will learn critical firearm handling and concealed carry basics
  • You will also learn many of the other things in our Training Course


Here Are Some of the Topics That We Will Cover in This Course

  • Handguns & Ammunition Basics just like thevariations between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.
  • The anatomy of a bullets and spherical as well as round as well as the difference between full metal jackets & hollow points
  • The basics of reloading your Gun
  • Choosing a right weapon to purchase and carry concealed
  • Safety Points, Fundamentals and the Primary Safety Rules
  • How to Properly checkout a arsenal to make sure it is unloaded
  • Children and Firearm Safety
  • Proper Safety Gear & Firearm Storage
  • How to Dealing with Public Gun Ranges & Stores
  • Simple dealing with such as proper firearm grip and stances
  • Recognizing and clearing out most common malfunctions
  • Concealed Carry fundamentals, techniques, & holsters
  • Concealed Carry Apparel & Lifestyle
  • Difference Between Private Property Rights and Gun Free Zones
  • How to get train using lower caliber or laser training weapons
  • Guidelines for Range Training for Self Defense
  • How to be master in a defensive mindset
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
  • How Gun Laws are Passed
  • How Court Precedents order the way the law is interpreted
  • Open Carry Legal Overview
  • Federal Property Restrictions
  • Citizen’s Arrest Overview
  • Legal & Civil Liability
  • Buying & Selling Firearms, Ammunition, & Accessories
  • Industry Organizations & Resources

*DISCLAIMER: Attn. Residents of Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina (specific counties) Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. While the Virginia permit is honored in your state, your state requires that residents obtain their local state permit in order to carry concealed in the state. A resident of any other state with a Virginia non-resident permit can carry concealed legally in your state but you could not unless you have a local state Concealed Carry Permit. We invite you to obtain your Virginia permit so you will have reciprocity with the other states shown.

What about the red states?

If you live in a state that doesn’t honor the Virginia permit you can still get this permit. Perhaps you live in a state like California, Maryland, New Jersey, or New York where getting your permit is virtually impossible. Getting the Virginia permit would at least give you the right to carry concealed in dozens of states where you travel.


Is The Permit Good Everywhere?

No, it won’t be. You would be applying for the Virginia permit and it will only be good in states that honor their permit. Please Look on the MAP Above.

Could the Laws Change?

Yes. Right now Virginia allows you to qualify for their permit via this online class. That could change but if it did that wouldn’t affect you if you already have the permit.
Right now the Virginia permit is honored in the states as shown below. That map is likely to change and when it does that would affect you even if you already have the permit.

What if I don’t live in Virginia?

It doesn’t matter. Any US citizen can apply for the Virginia non-resident permit.

Can I apply for the permit in my local state?

Probably not without taking a local course. Most states require you take an in-person training course in order to qualify for your local state permit


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